Our support policy

As we are providing support for Codester Customers in this website, our support policy is made in compliance with Codester Item Support Policy which is available here: https://support.codester.com/hc/en-us/sections/203237429-Item-support

Eligibility for getting support

You are eligible to ask for support if you purchase any item from us on Codester (https://codester.com/devslib). If you collect our applications/scripts from another source, that must be a pirated copy or illegal as we do not sell/distribute our scripts in any other places. In such case, you are requested to buy the original valid script from Codester before you ask for support. Only then we will be able to provide you the support.

Support Period

According to Codester, you will be able to ask for support from us within 12 months of the purchase. That means, you cannot expect support after 12 months of purchase by agreement with Codester. But as of today, we have no limit of support period meaning you can get lifetime support for the purchase of our scripts (until the end of our service on this field)

What's included in the support

You can ask for support for the following cases-

  • Questions related to script features (how they work/how to use them)
  • When a feature doesn't work as intended
  • Any type of possible bug
  • Request for any feature

What's not included in the support

These are not included in the support as described in Codester Support Policy

  • Installation of the item
    We are not responsible for the installation of the item you purchase.
  • Configuration of the environment the item has to work on
    - We are not responsible for any bad server configuration/mismatch.
    - It's your duty to ensure that your server meets the requirements of the script and the script will run on your system/server before you purchase the script.
    - Different customers have different types of servers with different configuration. So it's not possible for us to help everyone with server-related issues.
  • Support for third-party software
    Our script may have other packages/libraries in it. We cannot give any support for those third party softwares. If any package has any known issue, we will try to remove or replace it if necessary.
  • Installation of any demo data
    - We are not responsible for any demo data installation.
We are here to help :-)

It's not like we will directly deny your help request all the time if it falls under these conditions. If you run into any problem using our scripts, please feel free to ask for help. We cannot ensure if we can solve, but depending on the type of the problem, we will try to help you as far as we can.

Response Time

We are committed to answer customer queries as quickly as possible. Depending on various factors (such as ticket queue, support channel) our response time may vary. Our maximum response time is given below-

  • Ticket
    - 1 (one) business day
  • Contact Form
    - 2 (two) business days
  • Direct Email
    - 2 (two) business days
  • Messenger
    - 2 (two) business days
Ticket is the fastest way to get an answer from us

If you are a customer, we request you to create tickets on any issue you face. This is the fastest and most convenient way to get a solution.

Our business days: Monday - Friday

Our working period: 10AM - 10PM

Our timezone: Asia/Dhaka GMT+06

Our right to modify this document

We reserve the full right to modify this document. You are advised to visit this page from time to time to stay updated with our Support Policy. We may notify you about important updates through the other pages of our website or by email.

Last modified: 15 December, 2020